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About Sadguru Swami Sundara Chaitanyanandaji

The origin of a river and the birth of a saint are difficult to trace. Wherever might be its origin, rushing down from mountain tops the river winds its way along hills and valleys, forests and plains and flows incessantly towards the sea. A saint is also like the river heading relentlessly towards godhead against all odds, and in the course - inspiring, influencing, reviving and awakening people to their forgotten goal. We are extremely fortunate to be born as the contemporaries of Swami Sundara Chaitanyanandaji Maharaj who is one of the greatest cultural revivalists and religious teachers of our time awakening mankind with his clarion call to Self-realization. Swamiji is a saint of the highest order with great erudition in Indian scriptures, endowed with a rare combination of talents in oratory, literature, singing and music, architecture and landscaping - all helping him to fulfill his spiritual mission. The talk flows with a graceful succession of sentences kindling flames of love, devotion and dispassion in the hearts of the listeners. His speech is jovial, sharp-witted, interspersed with jokes and anecdotes only to be highly instructive. Swamiji says “I make you laugh so as to make you think, ponder and dive deeper into the inevitable truths of life”. Occasional gales of laughter, cheers and applauses reverberate through the spell-bound audiences and the exulted and exuberant crowds throng him and make his exit impossible after each speech. Swamiji’s accuracy of aim, clarity of diction and coherent analysis help us look at life from a wholly new angle and urge us to live life knowing its true value. Swamiji has conducted 200 gyana yagnas so far both in India and abroad, educating people at large on the intricacies of Sanatana Dharma.

Spiritual Orator

Swamiji is a saint of infinite wisdom who speaks in a tone of absolute command. His is a divine voice reverberating in a human soul. He is an ocean of eloquence. He is an invader of minds who can feel the pulse of his audience. His thundering voice calls and challenges. His nectar-like words console, cajole and convince. He knows how to put across his ideas in an appealing and entertaining style. His speech is accentuated and rhythmic full of great enthusiasm and delight. His broad-gauged speeches seem to be tuned to the needs of all - both the learned and the lay, for they pertain to the inclinations, emotions and interests of the variegated audiences.

A Prolific Writer

Swamiji’s literature strikes a chord that extends through the whole being of the reader, touching his moral intelligence, his devotional heart, his emotions and sentiments and conveys its vibrations to his very bosom. His books are his voice, his thought and his message. They make us heirs of the spiritual treasure of our ancient rishis. They are the standing counsellors and preachers always at hand. Their appeal lies in the depth of their wisdom, wit and vision. Swamiji embodies his thoughts in words of crystal clearness and they, by their sheer strength and force, tend to influence in a practical manner the thinking and actions of the reader and help to transform his life. Swamiji is the master of majestic prose. His analysis is exact, logical and convincing. His style is brilliant and natural. It is instructive without pedantry. Swamiji is the author of more than a hundred and fifty books both in Telugu and English. His expositions of Sri Sankara’s works are dogmatic, scientific and logical and the epics of Ramayana, Bhagavata and Mahabharata are works of great erudition and originality. Swamiji’s detailed commentary on Bhagavad-Gita which has just begun will be ready by the end of the year. Swamiji’s books are read, enjoyed and cherished, the world over and perhaps in the field of spiritual literature Swamiji stands first not only in that he has been the writer and publisher of the highest number of useful books but also of the best selling ones in the country.

Divine Minstrel

Swamiji is not only a singer but also a lyricist and a composer of beautiful music. His poetry which is of a pure and melodious style flows gracefully like a limpid stream enchanting the ears and capturing hearts. Swamiji did not study classical music. He is not musically qualified but he is musically gifted. His music is somewhat like the whistle of the wind, free and unrestrained. Swamiji’s songs are sweet like nectar with verse after verse flowing in perfect rhythm, rhyme and meter; and the depth of feeling in them is soul-stirring. His rich sonorous voice that has the charm of the flute echoes with a subtle resonance in the heart of the listeners transporting them to heights of celestial joy. Swamiji has composed and sung so far about a hundred songs and bhajans which came under the series 'Chaitanya Geetikas' and 'Chaitanya Bhajans'